My Background

I have always been empathic and telepathic since I was a child. I could always tell how others would be feeling by their energy. In 2002, I started receiving visions of the future through reading energy by psychometry.  I started reading tarot in 2003 with a common playing card deck shortly after. I gradually worked my way into reading tarot through the Rider Waite Deck. I would get visions by touching the tarot cards.

In 2015, my spiritual path took a turn to reiki. I always had an interest to learn reiki, but that interest was amplified in 2015 when I was able to heal my cat. I walked into Crystal Fantasy in Palm Springs, and I started attending the reiki circle there. I had my attunement by Reiki instructor Gitte Europa in 2015. I am a certified Reiki Practitioner, and I have over 8 years of reiki healing experience. I am currently in the process of getting my Master Reiki Certification.

In 2020, I experienced a spiritual awakening and ascension during the pandemic. I started fine tuning my tarot reading skills by telling time, tarot spreads, and storytelling taking MaryJo Cranmore's class on tarot at Soulful Revolution TV. MaryJo also introduced me to astrology, reading a birth chart, and the astrology houses.  I am proud to be a former student of MaryJo, and I am always supporting her channel on youtube. 

After being exposed to astrology with MaryJo, I went on to learn the in and outs of astrology by learning astrology by a lady named Tan from Thailand (Tan Astrology). Tan taught me the more advanced astrology, and I eventually learned the orbs, aspects, and how to do an astrology reading through a synastry and composite chart. 

In 2022, I started my spiritual path on crystals, making crystal grids, and herbs. I learned most of my advanced crystal knowledge including doing crystal grids and herbal remedies from my teacher Bruce Snell. I am still learning from Bruce on different crystals and herbal remedies. 

Since 2015, I have lived in Los Angeles, California. I am currently attending California State University Los Angeles for my MBA degree. I have a Bachelors degree in accounting from Cal State LA, and 3 Associates degrees in business from Cerritos College. I also am the CFO for a non profit here in Los Angeles, I am a streamer online where I stream 5 days out of the week in the morning, and I am the owner of Earthly Guidance TV on Youtube.